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WoW vs. Everquest 2; Returning Player Perspective

Last week I had the opportunity to try 10 days of WoW and also three days of Everquest 2. I played both games, familiarizing myself with the world and controls, then sat back and waited to see what game would draw me back.

I was really impressed with both the gameplay and styles of play that both had. Everquest 2 had so much going for it since I was only just recently unplugged from the daily regiment of playing the game. WoW was fresh and offered so much to explore since all of my characters were in the low 30s, 40s, and 50s.

I played each trying to decide on which game I should return.

In the end, I decided that both games were fun, but not fun enough to resubscribe. Even though I chided Sony for its silly subscription model of 3 days for five bucks, I guess I will take that over the 15 dollars a month that Wow or a traditional Everquest 2 subscription offers.

With two accounts with Sony, I can alternate (if I so desire) every couple of weeks and play a different set of guys. Also with some of the new rule changes (e.g. every character can now use the Research Assistants) it makes it fun to return every couple of week to pick up my masters.

So in the end, both games lose out but with a caveat that Sony will at least get 5 or 10 dollars a month from me.

WoW is really cool, but I found I was too far removed from the game to try and get back into it — seemed like the entire population was on the high level end and no one was there to start over.

Check out Episode 19 of EQual Perspectives

Head over to the EQual Perspectives tab and check out episode 19 of the show. This installment Karen and I really dish some tumultuous discussion on the new expansion and the battlegrounds.

Also check out Karen’s blog: http://www.journeyswithjaye.com/

Head over to Twitter and listen to my rants and raves by subscribing to my feed: ShalimarTroy.

Troubles in Paradise

I invite everyone to listen to my new show coming out in the next day or two. EQual Perspectives 19 will ding this weekend sometime assuming everything goes well tonight when Karen and I record my show.

Tonight’s show will all be about the new Everquest II expansion, Sentinel’s Fate. Although I don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone, both Karen and I are going to grade the new expansion.

Both of us have been playing the new game since it debuted on the live servers and although I have not talked to Karen extensively about her opinions, I bet there will be some difference in opinion.

I for one have made it well known it was not the best expansion that Everquest II has released. And perhaps I will go as far as saying that it may be the worse expansion that they have produced, aside from the Free updates.

So for all the low down on my opinions stop over at the EQual Perspectives tab and listen to show number 19

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I have close to 1400 tweets, though most of them you will not be able to read. I am currently running my rants and raves about Everquest II and would be thrilled for you to read along with my thoughts and exploits.

Finished Recording EQual Perspectives 2010

Just finished recording an hour long show with Karen, otherwise known as Jaye Wizziefingers — also to many she is the cohost to the podcast “Shut Up We’re Talking”. Karen and I had allot of fun podcasting tonight and talking about a dozen Everquest II topics.

We touched only briefly on the new Battlegrounds expansion coming to Everquest II. Battlegrounds is the PVP expansion that will go live with the next series of updates. Some cool extras is that you can play against and with folks from other servers.

We also touched on the exploitation of WoE looting and the farming that is running amok on both the Guk and Kithicor servers. We both agreed in the end that it is a nice ability to sell the fantastic loot — it is just too bad that Sony just doesn’t make it lootable and dropable. Use the broker, that is what its there for.

Karen and I also briefly talk about what are characters have been doing since the last show — can you believe it has been more than a year!

I am off to try and edit the show into something cohesive and intelligible — I am all over the map like normal and it is pure chaos.

I will post the show notes and where its live when I get the information.

End of An Era, For Now

For those that stop by here infrequently, and perhaps for those few who stop here often, you may have noticed scarce activity on my thoughts and progress on my many hobbies at the Emerald Tablet.

Alas, I have been stuck in the world of Everquest II all summer and have toiled and wasted hours journeying in the world of Norrath. It was not a bad little excursion and I had allot of fun. One of the greatest accomplishments for me was finally reaching the end game on multiple characters. Up until this last expedition into Everquest II, I had never had the focus to complete a quest or stay on one character. I have dozens of characters in Everquest II, but none had ever reached 80th level (the maximum level as of this time).

Recently I found some interesting ways of staying focus and more importantly finishing quests that I started. Within short order, I had nine 80th level characters — Yes, can you believe that. I also found myself rather rich, with over 400 platinum coins. Sure there are others that have more 80th level characters and many that have thousands of platinum, but for me this was the “Jumping of the Shark”, or otherwise known as the beginning of the end.

Hopefully I will return to more writing and less game playing. My eyes are set on playing a couple of months of Champions Online, and then eventually returning to Everquest II in March of 2010 with the release of their next expansion.

In the mean time, I am still trying to sell my novel, “Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber” as well as finish my many RPGs that I have been working with on and off since 1979!

So much to do, and so little time.

Troy Christensen

Returning to EQ2

It was inevitable, someday, but it was sooner rather than later that I have returned to Everquest II. I spent a month in Everquest, and enjoyed their new mercenary option, then another 6 weeks in Warhammer and discovered what all the excitement was — and all the let down as well.

All during my hiatus, my cousin has been plugging away at his Everquest II characters, many higher level than mine. I started back up this morning and got straight into the groove of things. I am enjoying my Templar immensely as well as my evil necromancer. I have so many great characters in this game, it is hard to decide which one I should play.

Next, I need to get back into podcasting and release a new Travel’s with Troy and EQual Perspectives — something I have let slip. There is so much to talk about on EQ and of course all my other games I have been playing.