The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet also known as the Secrets of Hermes, is an ancient tome, sometimes described as a ledger or bejwelled tablet describing the secret of a primordial substance that can be used to codify and create new matter. Often professed to be able to turn lead into gold, elemental fire into elemental water, and even shape dark matter / energy into qualitative substances.

In the past the Emerald Tablet was a source for the text of a compendium of advice for rulers in the first millennium of many cultures. the tablet was also translated into Latin as Sectrum Secretorum [The Secret of Secrets]. To those who knew how to use the tablet, they could create marvelous and godlike miracles.

Fast forward to today, the Emerald Tablet is a blog located deep within the chaotic cloud known as the Internet. From the hollow and empty hallways filled with transparent and ethereal tomes, reside the secrets to recreating the universe, to instilling life into shells of data, and ultimately molding an avatar into a reasoning, self-conscious being.



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