Revelation With the Greater Forces

As Arthur C Clarke once noted, any highly advanced form of technology will be viewed as magic. With that in reference, I would like to postulate that there are beings far greater than ourselves existing in our time and spatial frame. Just as our avatars may one day consider us, angelical, perhaps dare I even postulate as demons, there are influences in our lives that beg the question is there someone of higher consciousness than us?

These entities could be viewed as magical, or angelical in nature. It is not within my experience to define such beings as highly technological or magical, but thus to say they do exist and have visited earth. Could not one also project that our avatars may even consider the fact that they are not the highest consciousness in their universe?

To what the Greater Forces have imparted on mankind is questionable, but their mere existence postulates the ability for us mortal beings to contact them and perhaps garner knowledge, wealth, or secreted universal information.

One must clearly define the indifference between angelical and demonic entities, since from the view point of mortal men they appear one in the same. I believe we can dissolve the fictional concepts of angels as purely divine gossamer creatures, and demonic beings as red-skinned, barb tailed, wielder of tridents.

Just as we govern the lives of our avatars, both haphazardly and often without direct consequence to their well being, I believe there are forces in our universe that have the same parallax as we do towards our avatars. Could not the avatars in our created time-space not postulate that there are beings, much greater than themselves, who have visited their world? Do they look upon themselves as the master’s of the universe, or simply puppets for some invisible entity?

The terms angel and demon are a man-made concept, and thus have purely contrived notions of good and evil imparted upon them. If one studies angels, however, one can see that they are naught the platonic pacifist that some make them out to be. And when the angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord repented him of the evil, and said to the angel that destroyed the people, It is enough: stay now thine hand… (Samuel 24:16). And how could evil spread, if the demonic entities did naught but burn, loot, and pillage their way through the universe. Have we not taken our avatars into the dragon’s maw time and time again, forcing them with our guiding hand to seek out dangers, for our mere pleasure?

Do we guide our avatars as angels of mercy, or demons bent on the destruction and raping of the world they exist in? Is our actions in their world good or evil? The assumption that we have some definable moral purpose can even be argued since there is but naught any true material gain from which we can profit long term. Since even as players, the controllers of avatars, are bound by rules and legal termed limits would they see us as gods, or angelical beings directed by even a greater force up along the staircase of consciousness.

Just as a fly on the wall couldn’t tell the difference between one man and another, it is impossible for humans to make a judgment upon the Greater Forces of the universe. For if we examine any one viewpoint, without taking in the larger concepts from which these beings operate, all Greater Forces could be viewed as either good or evil.

We must then conclude that all beings of greater nature than man have the ability to bring both power and poverty to mortals. This argument precludes us from making judgments on how our avatars view us as demonic entities wrought on their world’s destruction, or angelical forces meant to guide their presence along a path fraught with danger but open to free will.

We must also expect that these beings have their own agenda for granting us anything that they give, and it is beyond our control to know what the ultimate realization of such a gift can mean to both the individual and for the race of mankind. As the avatars of worlds we create, they have no concept of what manifestions of emotion or gratification we gain from meddling in their lives.

Thus, when seeking attention from these Greater Forces, be of the understanding that they are in utter control, and that your intervention into their greater consciousness has no real long term effect on their existence or ultimate favor. We must simply take what they offer, and hope that it will benefit us in the short term, and not hinder us in the long.

The avatar stands ready to serve, each time we enter their universe. They have no concept of the depth or massiveness of our continuity, and would find our multiplicity of physical and metaphysical laws to be as incomprehensible as we do the universe that exist at the level of Greater Forces (angelical and demonic beings).

Ultimately one must ask what do we possess that they would want? I am at lost with that notion. What would I want from the fly on the wall? Or the worm that I step over after the morning rain? Or even to the avatar I create in an [imaginary] universe? What would these beings, from their lofty perch above the confines of space and time, would want with whatever I could offer?

Perhaps nothing…..perhaps nothing more than to be entertained for a brief period of time. Does the avatar have the ability to look beyond his confines to see the greater glory of the world that we live in? Would he not scoff at the thought that we enter his flat and simplified world to escape our universe of scintillating reality for amusement?

One must understand that contacting celestial beings, otherwise known as Greater Forces (also called angels and demons) is truly a daunting endeavor. It is unlikely that any mortal man has ever successfully contacted one of these beings on a one-to-one basis, or at a level much greater than a buzzing insect might communicate with you or I.

A brief note should be made that although it is rather impossible for us to communicate with the Greater Forces, it is nothing for one of them to enrapture us with the briefest of revelation. Even this brief encounter, with one of these beings, would be more than most could withstand. A span of time, less than the blink of an eye, with the Greater Force could unlock more secrets of time, space, and life than all the known sciences played out.

It is my belief that over the course of human history, only briefly have we had any real success in garnering the attention of one of these beings. I certainly believe that one day, through the development of our sciences that we will find a way to communicate with them. Perhaps when we do, the methodology will appear to be magical to us now as the avatar using in-game spells to physically reach out into our universe and contact us!

Of my bare understandings of communication with these entities, I would say that like a phone call, its not the apparatus through which you speak that delivers the message, but the line or signal that carries the meaning. Thus, I do not hold to the argument that contacting these Greater Forces need be via some complex ritual or device, but rather the state of mind that you are within (thats the signal).

Just as our avatars might conclude that to speak to us may require some extensive quest or a series of epic raids, they must deduce that its is not the case. Communication with us, is determined by our intervention via the generation of code — a formulation of laws and specifications to create a signal by which they can focus their reasoning into a message.

It will ultimately come from within themselves, that the code will take on a consciousness of its own, and from that will spring a need to contact the Greater Forces from within their world — you and I. Will it be as a complex spell or will it be, as I believe, the state of mind that they use to contact us.



  1. Hmmm, wouldn’t we first have to be convinced that our avatars are sentient entities in order to follow this course of logic? Personally, I don’t believe they are. No more than a puppet we fashion from a sock would be or a D&D character created on paper that lives only in our imaginations. But this poses an interesting question: could programmer’s code one day serve as something similiar to the “primordial ooze” from which sentient life spawned? AI/cybernetics, and virtual and android technology is becoming more advanced. One day, hypothetically, we could very well be the puppeteers of “sentient” avatars, but does emulating human action or emotion signify “life?” A complex question. Again, my immediate reaction is no.

    Virtual worlds, in MMORPGs or otherwise, help us transcend our limitations of time, space, and communication. Our avatars exist in a virtual space that allows us to communicate and interact with people who may literally be a world away. Our avatars exist in worlds where an agoraphobe can become an adventurer fearlessly treading across monster-infested open spaces or a person who is a morally outstanding member of his or her community can become a dastardly villain. I see avatars as extensions of ourselves or extensions of certain elements of our psyches that we choose to exercise (or perhaps exorcise) in these virtual realms; extensions of ourselves rather than sentient beings.

    But again, the ideas you present create some very interesting food for thought. Coming from a Western Judeo-Christian background (I was raised Catholic) man is made in God’s image–so aren’t we just “extensions” of God if one subscribes to this belief, just as our avatars are extensions of ourselves?

  2. When you look at concepts like genetic computation ( I think it is possible to argue that we are heading into an era where AI is increasingly possible.

    Also take a look at this ( particularly slides 60-62.

    Will it happen? Don’t know.

    Are we missing a key ingredient that novel technique and sheer computational power can’t overcome? Don’t know.

    But the odds look good that it will happen at some point, and then conversations like this take a whole new level of possibility.

    Of course, once AI exists then concepts like ethics kick in. Given today’s society I would question whether genuinely intelligent life would ever be left in some sort of scientific microcosm. But the flip-side to that is that such technology would be a fundamental turning point in modern history, so who knows how society at large will react.

  3. The ethical implications of such scientific progress are really fascinating. If you look at the ethical problems raised by cloning today (e.g. playing god on a genetic level or creating life simply to “harvest” organs) I think we’ll see similar moral conflicts aroused the day sentient AI is “born.”

    The Australian philosopher Peter Singer wrote a bunch of interesting essays in the seventies about an idea of rights not based upon a being’s intellectual capacity, but upon the ability to feel pain and suffer. I’m definitely over-simplifying his ideas, but I’d agree with him that once a being has the ability to feel, whether it’s manmade AI or some human-animal hybrid in a lab, that being certainly has a right to not be exposed intentionally to pain and negative stimuli. If we ever reach a point where avatars in games have the ability to reason and make judgments, do they stop being mere representations of the gamer at the keyboard and take on, quite literally, a life of their own?

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