Phantasm Adventures

Phantasm Adventures: My tour de force fantasy epic, published in 1988 by Dai Nippon Kaiga. I am proud to have met up with the company while studying in Japan, and single handedly signed contracts on a multiple book deal. This work was just the beginning to a two completely different series of rpgs developed over the next ten years.

Phantasm Adventures contained sixty playable races, forty classes, a unique social system, and a magic system that allowed for more than twelve hundred different kinds of magic casters.



  1. Wow. Quite an achievement. Was this exclusive to Japan? I made the rounds of quite a few pen-and-paper RPGs throughout the eighties and never came across this one. And in reference to your last post, I always loved how the Villains and Vigilantes rulebooks and modules really did look like comic book covers of the time. Bringing back lots of memories here.

    Do you happen to remember any of the eighties cold war themed RPGs? Not that any of them were particularly memorable, but I had a couple friends in high school who loved military themed games and though I don’t remember the rule sets very well, I remember participating in campaigns for a game called Twilight 2000 and another one that was actually called “Better Dead Than Red.” I know it sounds VERY silly in this day and age, but it was an RPG back in the day.

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