Multiverse: My second Japanese game, published in 1991 by Dai Nippon Kaiga. It was my opus science fiction role-playing game, that laid the ground work for future development in an open-ended rpg without race, class, or level mechanics.

From within the multiverse characters can be created to represent any timeline or varient human being; alternatively, the rules allow you to create beings from the wildest imaginations: beings of any scale, mass, or composition; utilizing magic, technology or forces unknown to the rest of the universe; inventing and equipping devices and tools that can be as simple as sticks and stones, to that of powers so vast that their mere thought can spiral human consciousness into oblivion.

Assemble a team of adventurers from across the universe; from any dimension, time, or epoch period to do battle with forces great and small. Ply through time and space in vehicles or via magical doorways, invent new devices of wonder and rediscover ancient relics lost to the rest of the universe.



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