RoleMaster Companion: Heroes and Rogues

Have you ever needed a detailed Non-Player or Player character at the spur of the moment, complete with skills, spell lists, and background, but did not know where to turn? Wonder no longer, your search is over! Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues is the answer–complete game information for 24 Rolemaster characters at seven different levels. Get your players ready, because your Rolemaster campaigns may never be the same.

Published in 1991 by Iron Crown Enterprises, this book is a culmination of my efforts working with Villains & Vigilantes, my own games (such as Bloodbath and Bloodchant), and the efforts overseas (Phantasm and Advanced Phantasm Adventures).




  1. If I remember correctly, I.C.E was also the publisher of MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) in the mid-to-late eighties. I liked their system. They had a complexity that a lot of the non-D&D titles TSR published at the time (Top Secret, Star Frontiers, Marvel Heroes, Boot Hill) lacked. These covers are really bringing up a lot of great old memories. Much of the artwork from these old gaming guides really helped fuel gamers’ imaginations during a time when even computer RPGs were limited graphically. I know I’m being a nostalgic old ninny, but there certainly was something special about that era in RPGs before computers could so easily render a picture of the world you’d be adventuring in right on your comp screen.

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