My Novel:Work in Progress

I have started writing my first novelette and would like opinions and thoughts on the story. You can read the first chapter from the side bar called Archon’s Gate. I am writing in the style of Robert Heinlein with young readers and devotees of science-fantasy as my primary target audience.

In Archon’s Gate we learn of a young boy named Lanyar and his horrible plight at being imprisoned on a penal colony world, aptly called Treasure Planet.  Lanny, as a few friends call him, is imprisoned for what his parents perpetrated against the empire but we soon learn there is a dark secret to his stay.  While exploring the forgotten world, tucked away into the shadows of the empire, we begin to learn the history of this lost planet.  Buried deep within the bowels of the world rests an ancient relic so powerful as to shake the very pillars of the empire — so dangerous that its existence could mean civil war — its activation could mean the end of  all civilization!


Lanyar is being watched by an outside agency, unbeknownst to him; watching his every move and waiting for the exact moment to pounce on the unsuspecting boy at the carefully heralded moment.  During all of this cloak and dagger, Lanny discovers more of who he is and what the Treasure Planet has to offer.


Will Lanyar discover the Archon’s Gate?


What does this ancient relic portend?


Will the universe survive the gate’s activation? 


Read each exciting Installment…. 

I hope to release a chapter every couple of weeks, and will remind my readers of it every month. I am eager to explore this new writing style, and hope some of you will stick around until the end.


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