Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

What is wrong with me?  Am I so horribly vein that I require people around me to enjoy a personal experience.  I am a soloer in all my MMOs, but if that is the case then why not play Two Worlds or Oblivion?  But for me those two games are boring, even though they have incredible graphics, awesome rule sets, and tons of combat, magic, and strange loot.

The only thing I can deduce is that I am so vein that I need other people around me to prove that I am having fun?  I know it seems strange, but unless I know there are other people around me — even if I have nothing to do with them other than just seeing them in my local area.

No one can argue that Oblivion, Two Worlds, Arx Fatalis aren’t fantastic games.  I am constantly drawn to single player RPGs, but what is it that only keeps my attention for a couple of weeks?  I like their playstyle, and its so nice knowing that if you need to walk away from the computer, the game will be exactly where you left off.  In a MMO, even though if you play solo, the world is constantly changing around you.

The loot and combat experiences in a single player game is also far more engaging and visceral but again, I am drawn to MMOs.  Why?   Their systems are often dumbed down to the average gamers, the graphics are less appealing, and the overall performance of MMOs are staggeringly lower and laggy.

The only thing I can say, is that I must be so vein, that I step infront of the mirror each day and  say,
“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the veinest One of all!”



  1. I think it’s less vanity and more a need for a world that doesn’t seem dead and static. Even if you solo in an MMORPG, even if you’re just on for twenty minutes harvesting or crafting, player characters will occasionally run past on their own, creating that feeling of a living, breathing “world.” On a night where you decide to knock off a couple quests in your quest log or grind, you could potentially make a new in-game friend or help a player in need by downing a mob or simply answering a question. In a single player RPG there is a finite number of things you can do on any given play session. The world could be beautiful and expansive, but you’ll never have that “X Factor” that RL players add to the mix.

  2. Single Player RPGs are also structured so that nearly every player will be able to finish the game and attain all the cool loot.

    MMOs don’t really have a ‘finish’ and most casual players will have masses of loot that remains no more then a dream for them. The combination creates a player experience that is more akin to the real world, and certainly more addictive.

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