And One Keyboard To Rule Them All

Over the last several weeks I have been podcasting on a product from Stardock called Multiplicity.  What it essential does is allow you to use one keyboard to control up to 6 computers.  I recently started using it because my old setup for controlling two computers was causing increased pain in my wrist and shoulder — I basically gave up on two-boxing because of it.

I got the free 14 day trial and have been enjoying the freedom it allows me with just using my best keyboard and mouse.  I am actively trying to configure my third computer to use it — essentially I have to move some things in my room so I can put another monitor next to the other two.

The program isn’t all roses, and there are some programs either that does not work with it or I have not figured out how to use it.  I have noticed, for example, in Civilization IV that the screen centers on the mouse, and when I move the mouse to my other screen, it follows it to the edge and then just continually scrolls across the world — I remedied that by hitting the escape key and that locks the screen where I want it.  I also noticed in Call of Duty 1 that it seems to use its own mouse, so I can’t use it to control another computer.

It works quite well in Everquest II with only a few gaps where I forget where my mouse is, and have my second toon go off running because I forgot to move the mouse back to the main screen.

In honor of this nifty program, I wrote this obviously parody of a well known poem:

Two screens for the news junkie focused on hearsay

Three screens for the programmer writing code solid as stone

Four screens for the gamer who knows not of night or day

Five screens blazing for the researcher looking to atone

In the cloud where IT does it melee

One keyboard to rule them all, one keyboard to find them

One keyboard to bring them all and in the IP bind them

In the cloud where the Multiplicity lie….


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