Being Sick Sucks!

Last week I started feeling sick; the typical sore throat, murky sinuses, itchy eyes, muscles sensitivity, and feeling really run down.

Three days later, I rolled a critical fumble and I was told I had a severe flu — immediately they told me to go home, drink plenty of liquids, and take Ibuprofen every 4 hours. That night my temperature was a 102 — my mind was whirling a hundred miles an hour and I was never really sure if I was asleep or awake.

Then things started getting better — but it was not the end to my dilemma. Perhaps I had entered the eye of the storm.

Unwittingly we had a big garage sale that day and with my flu licked, I pitched in whole-heartedly moving and setting up tables, standing outside talking with the old geezers coming to screw me out of 50 cents over books and baubles.

That night, I fell into a heaving wreck of coughing, wheezing, and uncontrollable shaking. My temperature soared again and I felt the world falling around me. I went to emergency where they told me I had pneumonia and bronchitis. After spending three times what I made at the garage sale and four hours of my life — I escaped with a fist full of drugs.

Ahhhh the life on drugs is serene — as I lay in bed staring at the dust mites on the ceiling I had an epiphany of incredible game articles whiz through my mind — of course now I cannot remember a single one, but that night I could have written a magazine of articles on every facet of gaming.

Still recovering, I now dare to do anything more than walk around the house. I feel grand as long as the medicine is at full strength, but every now and then the ugly head of pneumonia rises and I hack and cough my lungs out.

Regrettably I am pushing off the production of my latest show, the Travels with Troy a bit to recover. I hope to have the show done later this week.



  1. Yes Troy I know what you mean. I too came down with one heck of a cold this week while I was recording some segments of my podcast to be. I had to put it on the back burner as well till my voice gets back.

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