OMG Diablo III

OMG!! I have been awaiting this news for more years than I care to remember. Blizzard, the corporate giant among the MMO universe, is finally beginning work on Diablo III: the greatest computer game of all time. How can one not end every sentence with not one exclamation point, but a slurry of them to express my utter delight!!

Head over to their site:

I have looked over the new abilities of the barbarian and I am salivating like a starving dog. Oh still my beating heart, I am nearly in heaven.

My biggest woe now is the waiting….

The waiting…..

The excruciating wait….


When will it be available….

I am still waiting…………………………………………



  1. Hahaha, having listened to your podcasts I can see why you would be very excited about Diablo III. It seems like your kind of game. The random landscapes in the previous games were always interesting to me because it forced me to explore — even if just a little bit — to find the various dungeons or creatures. It wasn’t a major draw, but on the other hand, I think I wouldn’t have played through the game so many times if the layouts had always been the same.

  2. Hey Troy,

    You still out there? I’m sure I’m speaking for many when I say we miss your presence in the podcast/blogosphere. Even if you’re not gaming ATM, I for one would like to hear about what you’ve been up to! Hope you’re doing well.

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