I have Returned to Everquest II

Gah!  I have been dragged back down into the infernal cesspool of MMO gaming — OK, it’s not that bad, but there for three months I had a life — I could read books — I could write stories — I knew what the sky looked liked and actually saw the stars, moon, and sun again.

To no avail, however, I started up one box — and bought the worthless expansion — and then started my second box going again.

If I don’t weary on the game, I will proudly return with a Travels with Troy and a EQual Perspectives, no doubt soon.

As for what I did in the last three months?  I finished a young adult science fiction novel called Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber. . . It is about a young boy going to school in the twenty-second century and finding a key to a machine called the Pegasus Chamber.  On a lark, he and his friends walk into it and find they have been whisked away, virtually, to a pristine beach.  They learn however that not all is well when the program fails to end, and they are left with a daunting quest to find the Unity Controls and escape the virtual world.  Along the way they encounter mysteries and surprises — a young woman who Aaron (thats Amish) falls in love with, carnivorous predators that the kids must combat, and an ancient ruin filled with headhunters. All very exciting.

Troy Christensen

November 25th, 2008


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