Lotto Let Down

I play on the Kithicor server in Everquest II and for as long as I can remember no one has ever won the Goblin Gambler lotto, until now.  It was up to over 4,500 platinum coins.  Over the last several years I have spent huge gobs on money in the hopes of winning it.

Sadly, my dream has been smashed.  At one point, I did hit 5 out of the 6 numbers and won a measly 50 gold or something.  Now, all of my hopes are dashed.  The pot has been reset to something tiny like 10 platinum and I will not want to play again for a long time.

Its like the real world. Funny thing is even 10 platinum is allot of money to my guys in the game. But you don’t play at 10 plat no more than you play when the super lotto is at a 1 million dollars.  There is a psyche about winning 100 million dollars that is not there at a palty 1,000,000 dollars.

So here I sit depressed on a Sunday night, with my dreams dashed.  Knowing that my guys in Everquest II will enjoy the same fate as me, living on a meager sum of money scraped together each week — Always with the dream of hitting it big one day!


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  1. I keep playing the lotto thinking how fun it would be to win. That is the thing though, it is fun to dream but only if you can keep yourself from being let down when you probably won’t. I enjoy the game and winning is just a nice thought.

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