New Year’s Goals

Ya know its not that far off and soon we’ll be scratching off 2008 on our checks and shaking our heads as we scribble 2009.  Just the other day I wrote 2005 on a check, then stopped and looked at it funny and thought to myself, ‘is it 2005?’


Since we are nearing the end of 2008, I reflect back on all that I have done.  It started out as a shakey year with many troubles: including a bad bout with pneumonia and moving to a new job.  I really thought that 2008 was not going to be very good.

Towards the end, however, I now look back and beam a fond smile at the cool things that I did.

One event that was really cool was hanging out with Brent and the guys from Virginworld at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference back in February. God! That was so much fun, and I really learned so much about gaming. I also got to see San Fransico — what a nice place.

I also look back on all the tribulations of my new job, but in the end I am really beginning to enjoy IT and find it so refreshing.  I am not out of the woods yet.  This next year I have to learn a program called Vantage from Epicor systems and that is going to be tough.

I also finally finished my novel.  It was a new story, not one of the pile of bits and pieces that have layed on my desk for the last twenty years.  A brand new story called “Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber”. Its a science fiction tale of a young boy growing up and discovering who he is.  I am now looking for a publisher or agent.

I also finished three short stories and have been working on finding a place to publish them.  In the end, if I cannot find a home for my spooky tales I will offer them to my cohort of friends, family, and surfers who come to my humble little writing nook, the Emerald Tablet.

We also had the Summer Olympics, although I didn’t do anything with it. I still enjoyed watching the games.

I had a great time with friends playing games this year. My cousin and I spend each monday night playing Diablo, Civilization IV, or other similar multiplayer game.  I also have good friends online and have spend many nights in far flung worlds of Hyboria, Norrath, and other such places.

This year I also did allot of podcasting, though I sadly drifted off in the last six months.  I hope to remedy that in 2009.

I hope everyone else had a good year.  I would love to hear your stories of struggle and success with comments.





  1. Hi Troy! I’ve missed hearing your voice in the last several months.

    You could always go the self-publishing route at As soon as I finish a book I’m going to do it. You can upload your work and order however many copies you want, then put it on the Lulu Marketplace with tags so others can stumble upon it and buy it. I guess it’s better than nothing.

    Take care, hope to hear you again in ’09.

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