New Old Friends

This year I spent some time looking up old friends.  People that I have not said hello to in more than twenty years, and for the most part I have been so insanely successful I cannot believe it.  Its so good to talk to the people of your youth and to see how their lives played out.  Each one of us has had such an exciting life when you look back at all the triumphs, tribulations, and travels we have taken.

My first success came in the early spring when after twenty years I found my old room mate from ICU — the International Christian University, in Mitaka Japan.  In 1987 I moved to Japan for a year long study of their language and culture. Boy! I was so naive back then and fresh out of the pumpkin patch.   I moved in with this guy named Naoki and him and I hit it right off.  He was the complete opposite of me — world travelled, wild, crazy, had the girls all over him — in contrast to myself who never travelled and was about as wild as a wall flower, and only dreamed of girls. I found him on the internet again doing searches for names and places we both had in common. It was the song “Voices Carry” (Amy Mann was the singer) that finally clinched it for me.  It was great talking to him again — fantastic that he is married, with a new little boy, living in Los Angeles.

I also met up with a ton of old school mates from when I went to Comstock Park High School, in Comstock Park Michigan.  I have such fond memories of High School, but I would do so many different things if I could do it all over again.

One new, old friend was a guy named Chris.  I have to admit, that in high school I was a bit afraid of you.  I am not sure exactly why, but I always walked around you on eggshells.  I don’t ever once remember you being disrespectful or mean to me, so perhaps it was just that we never got to know each other so much.  I am glad that him and I are chatting back and forth.  It sounds like he has had a wild ride through live, serving his country in the Navy and travelling to such far flung locales.  He is now living in Hawaii — oh I dream of living there. Dude, you are living my dream!!

I also got in contact with a girl named Vicki from High School.  I admit that I was always so timid around her — perhaps smitten would be a better word.  I often remember trying so desperately to think of something to say to her and when the opportunity came up, I would just blather meaningless words from my mouth.  That was one thing I would change if I could go back 25 years in to the past — hindsight is 20/20 they say, but I would be so much more active and engaging.  I am happy to say that we are now chatting nicely and continue, almost on a daily basis, conversations through email and Facebook.  We can’t really change what has happened — a shame it isn’t like a computer game where you can just go back to an older save and try different things.

Its just amazing how powerful the internet is in making contact with people.  I am still searching the world for people that I have not found yet, hoping they are still out there with family and friends having a good time.  I hope one day to track down Dilak Scott, David Marra, Jeff Dee, Robert Knapp, and a slew of new old friends!



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  1. Yeaaah. Always find it great to remember the past, either the joy or the sadness. What I always regret is for what i had done to them, treating them so bad, and pretending that i didn’t need them. Willing to see them again and repair the relationship.

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