Time vs. Money

One of the largest outcries from people that play Everquest 2 or for that matter any MMO, is that people shouldn’t be able to buy (with real world currency) favors, abilities, or items. It seems OK if the purchases are purely aesthetic but if it actually gives you an edge in the game, many find it rebellious.

I would like to offer the suggestion, however that not everyone has endless hours to put into the game. These people — like mothers, fathers, working people, players that have other hobbies, shouldn’t be penalized because they cannot play the 12 hours a day needed to get the good gear. The game should accommodate all players. If someone wants to buy platinum or a real nice item for cash, they should have the ability to do it. In the end, its all about making the customer happy. Just like in the real world, vendors charge differently for the same product based on the needs of the consumer.

I for one would like an avenue where I could make microtransations to buy rares or a cool operating weapon. Again, I am not like 12-year old Billy who can play 16 hours a day or out of work Ralph who surrenders all bodily functions to the game. I however shouldn’t be penalized or have a stigmata upon me because I wish to enjoy the same facets of the game.

What are your thoughts!?!


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  1. I agree up to a point, Sir Troy!

    I do think you have to be careful that you don’t take too much “skill” out of the game. Epic weapons should be hard to get. Unfortunately “Skill” often equates to “Time” in an MMO. I think the problem could be that time investment is foten a substitute for player skill in an mmo. I haven’t played a single massive game that I have really struggled in terms of my ability to beat monsters, quests (any circumstance really) in any massive game.

    This could be a legacy issue – connected to the monthly fee. You must make things take time in order for your players to have something to do.

    However, a lot of the time “something to do” means “another way to pass time”. There’s no skill in waiting for a mob to pop or a quest to reset – it just takes time.

    So – replace time with skill and I think you might be getting somewhere – since it’s easier to argue that for a player to achieve a certain item they must be sufficiently skillful or intelligent.

    Now, there will still be players who wish to purchase items, since they are not physically or mentally able to compete – and we return to the same question! Should these players be able to purchase items with real world currency?

    I think the answer is different for every game. Set out in your mission statement or overview of a game that RMT is part and parcel of your mmo. I think we will see more of these games in future.

    What I don’t think you can do is tac on RMT to games like EQ 1 & 2. They weren’t designed with RMT in mind and so purchasing items will always be a bone of contention for the players who play these games.

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