Marketplace Fix

Sony recently rolled out a new dimension to Everquest 1 and Everquest 2 called the Marketplace. If you read below in one of my later posts, you will discover that I think they did a poor job at this service.

The basic premise for the service is that you pay more money than your traditional monthly subscription fee to gain some new dimension to the game.  In theory that sounds very interesting.  There are many people who have extra dollars (there are still a few out there) that would like to pimp or accentuate their characters.

The problem lies in what they offer as products.  Lets be clear, if you are going to get into the business of selling vanity items, you need to be able to sell them.  You cannot pussy foot around and dance the line of of some lofty moral barrier.  With this in mind, I have the following suggestions for Sony and their Marketplace:

SEX:  Hell it sells so why not use it.  All sorts of pimped out accessories could be lobbed into this category.  From furniture in the apartment (heart shaped bed and groove lamps), to very skimpy costumes (have you ever looked at a female drow) to the ostentatious love slave that will do things in private with the character.

Drugs:  Buy drugs that accelerate the characters physical and mental prowess — put a downside on it (I was thinking that the character could not be played for a week after use — or that the screen is extremely blurry for the next 6 hours). Drugs sell as well as sex, if marketed correctly.  Make the feeling of on the drug tempting, and it will sell.

Violence: Oh ya baby, who can turn down a nice splat of blood and gore.  Sell animations of your character disemboweling their mobs.  Good old fashion, over the top, gruesome violence.  I know my troll berserker would go in for this.  On top of the various hideous combat maneuvers have it where the toon can keep morbid pieces of his fallen victims — heads, ears, heart, nose!?!

Emotes:  One of the best little secrets in the game are the Emotes that a character can perform, but like everything else in the game they are watered down. Sell Emotes that really accentuates your character’s feelings from wanted lust, to delirious excitement, to cocky and fervor insults!

There are so many ways to sell the Marketplace that it should have been a rousing success, but being timid in this day and age usually puts you out of business, or at the least being highly ridiculed.  As far as I can tell, the latter is already rampant on the internet.  Turn the tables, Sony, and let the players receive what they really want — some good old fashion XXX!


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  1. Please god, sex in Everquest?! It doesn’t bear thinking about – hehe!

    You’re right though – more marketing sense is needed here. Look at what sells. Ask players what they want. Listen.

    I do think Sony’s heart isn’t in RMT for the EQ games though (see my reply to the previous post). It’s probably rubbish because I think they have a guilty conscience. They’re saying “look, guys, I’m really not sure we should be doing RMT in EQ, so don’t make the stuff too good!”

    Would be ironic if that were the case – but stranger things have happened in the mmo companies I’ve read about over the years!

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