DS Arrives Today

I am so excited to read that my Nintendo DS should arrive today via UPS. I was almost tempted from staying home from work today, but yesterday was not a good day and I didn’t want my fellow workers thinking I did it on purpose (which is true but not for the reasons they would think).

This was one of the New Year’s resolutions I made, and I know it seems simple, but I have been wanting to try other game platforms for a long time. I am coming into this experience blind since I have never actually saw one, but only heard about it.

My nephew had a gameboy and that looked intriguing. I think I am worried most about the size. Everyone says the DS is small and I hope I am not dejected over the small screens.

I already have bought a couple of games for it and joined the Gamefly network (you rent the games like renting videos via NetFlix). A bit perturbed that no instructions are shipped with the Gamefly games, but perhaps that is not a big a deal as I think.

I got a red and black one, although the color really doesn’t matter. I had the chance to buy a pink one locally, but the thought of playing on a pink DS just didnt sit well with me.

The first two games I got is Spore and Final Fantasy III — I plan on playing titles I would never play on my PC and have a list set up at Gamefly from all sorts of different categories.

Alas, I must go to work now — but I will tell you my experiences the next time.



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