My first three hours on the DS

I just got my Nintendo DS and am so eager to play it. I discovered to my groans, stomping feet, and under the breath curses I had to wait for three hours for the battery to charge. My wife called me a childish brat and I told her, “I want it!! I want it!!! I want it, now!!!!” Does that sound childish to you? Never mind. . .

The first game I played was Spore. I saw a creature demo on the PC and it really looked cool. I recently joined GameFly and that was the game that first came. Good idea to try these things out before you drop 40 bucks on them (or used at various venues).

I must say that I wasn’t impressed with the translation to the DS. Everything seemed very “construction paper” in appearance — perhaps that was what they were going for. It was also very childish in nature and seemed to really go the extra mile to explain tiny little details. I played it for an hour and grimaced — it didn’t seem to be the game to me.

Then I snapped in Final Fantasy III. I come to the franchise devoid of any conception or expectation of the product. I have heard it was a good game and has migrated to all sorts of platforms. I turned on the DS and was met with what appeared to be nearly DVD-Movie quality introduction. Wow!! That little segue story was very impressive.

I named my little friend, Pidge. My wife says I name all my RPG toons Pidge, but I disagree — but she is probably right (doesn’t that gall you how the girls are always right). Grrrr!!! Anyway, I am rambling again.

I took Pidge out on his adventure finding a number of green goblins that needed to be taught a lesson. I beat the tar out of them and found some nice treasure. I wandered around in some caves for a while, learning how to hold the DS and all the buttons on the darn thing — there are allot for a small little box. I found a nice spell scroll that I later used on a huge turtle (a boss I guess they call them). That allowed me out into the real world. Very nice little adventure so far.

I went to town with my little friend and talked to some of the inhabitants. I think i am going to be getting more friends, but haven’t so far.

the only thing I can say negative about the game is that I wish there was a way of turning the music off — I don’t mind the sound effects but the chimey music does wear on me quickly. I may also get tired of the endless little battles, but I do like grinding in MMOs so that may not be a big a hassle as I am thinking.

My next game from Gamefly is Age of Empires — an RTS of mythological scope. Sounds very interesting and I wonder how they handle RTS (real time strategy) in a hand held box like the DS.

I would love to hear from others who play the DS and their thoughts.

Now. . . On To Glory!!!!



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  1. It’s good to hear from you again Troy. This is Dave from EQ-IQ. I don’t have a DS but my wife and daughter does and they love it. I myself prefer the PSP. However the DS is loaded with awesome amount of games to choose from. Especially casual games and those good old RPG’s.

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