Everquest is still King

I have played many MMOs, including the big players like World of Warcraft, Conan, City of Heroes, and Everquest and Everquest II. I don’t necessarily consider myself an expert but I can say I have wasted thousands of hours in the games. With that said, I can whole heartedly confirm that Everquest is still the king when it comes to being addicted to the game play.

I recently returned to Everquest for a change of pace from Everquest II and Conan, and I was shocked that although the graphics are years out of date and the game play is ludicrously old school (horrible UI, archaic line commands, non-intuitive game systems, a mish-mash of 15 addons that never seem to combine one system to another) the game is very addictive — and more so, still very fun to play.

I have friends that have never left the game, playing the same characters for more than 10 years — their gear and equipment are top notch but strangely I have a few old high level guys that can still venture with them [though I admit my toons can do little compared to what they do].

I have been in the game for a couple of weeks now and its still fun to come home and log in — taking my characters to any number of zones (I am unsure of the number of zones in the game, but I would hazard to guess at least 500).

It would be so interesting to see everyone re-roll a 1st level character and let the game begin again. I know that will not happen, but its sure fun to run through the old zones and remember the chaos of the late 90s with trains, name calling, and over the top Bravado.

To anyone who hasn’t tried the game in years, give it a go — it is still the KING.




  1. I miss the EQ days… That’s how I got started about 13 years ago… man has it been that long?

    Then I got addicted to World of Warcraft for a while. I had to pull myself away from it though because it was sucking up my life šŸ™‚

  2. AMEN! EQ I is king! i feel like MMO’s these days *cough, WoW, cough* hold the gamers hand to much. In EQ, you died, had to drag your body out of mob infested zones, and you liked it!

    I’ve recently gotten back into playing on a classic EQ server and don’t regret it.

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