Five Days Off

I start today a five day vacation that I have dubbed as the Late Winter Nap — its a time when I am just so completely tired of winter that all I want to do is eat, sleep, and vegetate on the couch watching TV.

I am of course not doing that — what a waste of time! I am thus going to start doing my taxes, organizing my study, start my umpteenth re-edit of my novel, start a couple of RPG designs, work on getting my finances organized (waste, waste, waste), and try and get a few things read (magazines are like stone columns in my study as well as a half dozen books).

I also want to have some fun too, so I am going to be playing a bit of EQ — Yup, it still holds sway over me.

I must admit though I am eagerly awaiting Champions online super hero MMO as well as the DC Universe of the same genre. Nothing much else is interesting me — I would love to return to WoW and LoTRo, but I just don’t have the friends there or the time to invest at the moment.

I don’t want to waste these five days, and you know how quickly they will pass. I hope to punch a few more quick weblogs as well in that time, keeping everyone up on my pace of writing, learning, and organizing.



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