Five days of Pure Bliss

I must say I know why everyone looks forward to retirement. I spent five days just grousing around the house and found it so appealing that I am looking for my next big break.  Normally, my wife has me running off to some hotel up north when I have large amounts of time off, but this time I simply stayed home.

I am the kind of person that luxuriates in the most simple pleasures.  Sleeping in, eating well, sitting back with a good book — even the more unsavory little things like staying in my PJs all day or not showering until five o’clock in the evening.

I spent those five days organizng my study, and recommitting myself to working harder on my novel.  I did get a bit of good news from the one agent that has read my book.  Although they turned me down on representing me, they did say my story has a ton of potential and that of all the manuscripts that they read, mine stood out.  I will take that as a positive comment on the story.

I also got my taxes done and cleaned up some other untidy bills that have been nagging me.

Oh, I also played a bit more of EQ than I should.  I got my main to 72nd level ( a magician) and my second box to 71 ( a shaman).  There is a long story with EQ which one day I will get into, but suffice to say that I have always wanted to see a maximum level magician in the game — I am not sure if I will make it during this stay in Norrath, but it has been fun.

I also got to watch several movies — and even though i don’t go to the theatre, I am a sap when it comes to love stories and good adventures.  I watched Serendipity with John Cusack (very good) and Beautiful Mind with Russel Crowe (another great movie).

Returned to work on Monday to the dreary life of the working man — but I look forward to my next big blast of time off.  In June my wife and I head to Traverse City for a week, but in mid July I got 5 days off again….Oh god I look forward to the searing heat of summer.



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  1. I look forward again to time off. Perhaps by then I will have beaten the SAD and feel good about just spending time doing what I want to do, rather than always questioning if what I do has value for the future?

    I yearn for spring and the soft warm breezes!

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