Baby Steps

I used to think that life events happened it giant titanic leaps — the sort of life changing moments like moving to Japan or Washington DC (which I did) or getting married (which I did as well). But as I get older I see that life is not these giant leaps into the unknown that forever change the course of your life, but tiny baby steps that inch you down a path in life. Its not these moments in life, when you wake up and boldly walk into your office and proclaim, “I quit, you bastards!” and storm off. Rather its these tiny steps of each day getting up and adding to your portfolio of writing: talking on twitter, adding weblobs, commenting on other’s opinions, doing podcasts, that make life’s major changes.

Case in point with my writing. I didn’t sit down one day and hack out my 500 page novel, but rather pushed the story along over a course of months. I am still prodding and pushing the story, page by page (eh! often word by word) down the path.

The journey of my writing must be just as important as the novel itself. I often get muddled down with thoughts of just getting it done and moving on — wondering how much is too much. I often stare at the monitor thinking that my writing is going no where.

What I must do however, is look at the long road that I have traveled and understand that it still winds out in front of me into oblivion. I will never give up my story, and someday I will look back on the long traveled road and realize that it wasn’t a dash at breakneck speeds that got me there, but the slow baby steps of the day to day push.



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