Warhammer Review

I just left the ten day free trial of Warhammer, spending my days fighting on the Vortex Server. I must say that the game is very fun to play and reminds me graphically of Lord of the Rings; plays like World of Warcraft; and has the PvP of Dark Ages of Camelot.

I played a half dozen “good guys” trying only once to play a goblin on the forces of Chaos — I could not get over their slang and quickly went back to the Order.

Overall, I enjoyed the game enough to buy it. You can get it from several outlets for 28 bucks — so shop around. It is 15 bucks a month after the first month for free: though they still need a credit card up front (I have been told you can use a bogus number or simply quit after using a real card).

As I said, I bought the game and moved my characters over to an established server called Iron Rock — Mostly to follow a friend I met online, known as MagicKira. We have not met up, but it’s fun to talk to her as I play.

There are some weak points in the game, both derived from the game and also from the player base.

From the game side, the PvP or RvR (Realm vs. Realm) can become quickly lopsided if the player mix isn’t right. I also found that my healer doesn’t heal real well and the numbers of healers in the game seem to attest to that (see below).

From the player side, I think most players have no real idea what PvP means. The general idea so far is a gang of thugs fighting a gang of thugs, mentality. There is no organization, no tactic, no strategy — worse it is every man or woman for himself. Countless times my healer was ganked while my own team simply watched — then bitched because they were not getting healed. Warriors have no concept in the game about fighting near healers, protecting the healer, or even caring about the healer. On the other side, the healers to care more about healing themselves and doing damage, than helping their teammates. Overall, I am not impressed with the player mentality in the game.

I also find, at least on Iron Rock, the overall age level to be rather low — of course you cannot tell a person’s age directly, but from their crude and coarse banter I would imagine most are in their teens — full of mouth with very little real world experience.

The crafting in the game seems rather dull and very limited — straight out of World of Warcraft with less originality and fewer options.

The game has mounts and some look interesting. But the game has no guild halls or houses, at least as far as I can tell.

Recently the game had a serious problem with players leaving the game, and they closed down like 30 servers. I saw the same thing happen in Age of Conan — I think players are very jaded today, hopping from one title to the next because they get bored quickly.

Overall, though, I think its a fun diversion for the Spring — will I be playing it in the summer. I doubt it. But its fun for the moment.


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