The Love of My Life

Often we forget about the most basic comforts in life. I was reminded of that yesterday, when I inadvertantly posted a few thoughtless comments about the only person in my life that truly matters. My best friend, my wife.

I am not a real gushy, smoochy person, but I do know when I have made a mistake and I want to proclaim to the whole internet and the world, and even to some extent, future society (hey this message may survive a thousand years in a vault somewhere) that if you can find one person in your life you can call your best friend, and then marry that person, you have done well.

As much as I love playing computer games, I enjoy being with my wife more. Long walks along the White Pine Trail is a much better treat, than lanquishing in front of the computer finding gold and thrashing dragons.

So take a moment to reflect on what really matters in life. And make sure you don’t lose grip on the important things.


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