Fearless In Warhammer

What would happen if you could stick your hand in a fire and feel no pain? It wouldn’t take long before you would be bathing in gasoline, while smoking a cigarette. That is the feeling I have in Warhammer.

Death is so meaningless that I would rather just die than to log out of the game. Never before have I felt such a lack of fear, loathing, or apprehension towards having my character perish than in Warhammer. I am sure there must be a penalty because I see NPC healers in each town, but at level 18 I cannot truly see an effect yet. I can see limiting death penalties for newbies, but at a certain point you have to impose some penalty or the players will do the most foolish things.

I have stated my point in an earlier piece that I think the designers have imparted to the players the idea that its no big deal to die — simply respawn and run back into the fray. The problem is, as you cheapen death, you cheapen life. As I see it, you could altogether remove the health meter and no one would care — I have seen countless times where tanks with a sliver of health just runs straight back into the battle. Inevitably they die. But who cares? Just respawn and run right back in.

Why? Because the designers have told the players that death is meaningless. That dying is nothing, but a 30 second timer to a respawn.

Warhammer, wake up! Make dying significant — Make it cost the player experience, time, gold, influence, and renown. Make it so that a healer has a reason to heal; and their resurrection a must for survival on the battlefield. Do you know that it is more advisable to respawn than to have a player resurrect you?

As I see it, grab the biggest weapon and charge into the fray like a headless chicken — that’s what the designers want from the players.


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