Senselessness of Warhammer

Here is a funny thing that occurred to me while I waited for an RvR warband to form. I asked myself what sense was there in my impending battle? What is at stake and what are the spoils of victory?

If I engage in battle only for personal acquisition of wealth, loot, and experience, why not play in a Player vs. Environment setting, but if it is for the glory of my realm then what growth is there?

I am unsure if there is anything to the development of the realm, because what is taken is soon lost. What long term benefit can there be — it isn’t like in real world battles where one side eventually concedes and sues for peace. Without that knowledge tucked away in the back of your brain, the senseless battles become tiring knowing you are forever locked in struggle.

Many Warhammer players concede that they do it for personal glory, but then is there a need to play RvR — wouldn’t scenarios be just as good? Furthermore, isn’t the caring for only oneself detracting from the overall glory of a particular side you are on.

I find it hard to rationalize PvP unless you are on a team or realm, and if you play only for yourself, then what is the point? Is it really nothing more than an Arena of mob warfare?

It is a strange feeling because to some extent I should have the same attitude in other MMOs as well — dungeons reset and monsters respawn, so why don’t I have the same feeling in Everquest or City of Heroes. That I cannot fathom, but for some strange reason I feel a melancholy of boredom in Warhammer with all the PvP content — knowing it just repeats itself over and over. I cannot get over the unsettling feeling that there should be more to PvP than this reckless mob warfare that there should be a set time period in which determines the winner or perhaps the total decimation of the other side leaving them in utter despair and ruin.

More needs to be developed for a long term PvP game — something with intrinsic long term benefits and goals. Until then, Warhammer is simply one group of thugs fighting another group of thugs with the pretension of nationalism.


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  1. Could the boredom you find with the PvP battles stem from not getting, or seeing, a tangible result. The battle in itself only has a winning side and a loosing side. No ramification on the world, your character or the story/lore of the game.

    From much of what I hear about this game it plays like any other “drop in and frag” game. The only real difference I see is Warhammer having levels and loot – based on levels.

    Battles like that usually get to be a nightmare – people running around everywhere without any concern for the “common good”. A lack of easy communication is usually a big reason for this. My personal experiences in PvP is that a coordinated team beats the crap out an uncoordinated one.

    That said: the uncoordinated way of play might actually be the way players want to have it. Me, I’m to much of an old pen and paper RPG’er not to “be there” in/with my character.

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