Returning to EQ2

It was inevitable, someday, but it was sooner rather than later that I have returned to Everquest II. I spent a month in Everquest, and enjoyed their new mercenary option, then another 6 weeks in Warhammer and discovered what all the excitement was — and all the let down as well.

All during my hiatus, my cousin has been plugging away at his Everquest II characters, many higher level than mine. I started back up this morning and got straight into the groove of things. I am enjoying my Templar immensely as well as my evil necromancer. I have so many great characters in this game, it is hard to decide which one I should play.

Next, I need to get back into podcasting and release a new Travel’s with Troy and EQual Perspectives — something I have let slip. There is so much to talk about on EQ and of course all my other games I have been playing.



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