Looking for Artists

After years of being out of the business, I have decided to pull from the archives all of my old role-playing games, adventures, and accessories and print them via pdf and lulu (www.lulu.com). Although I consider myself adept at writing instruction manuals, I have one flaw that has kept me from becoming the next printing mogul: I am not an artist.

I am looking for all sorts of artists. I would like to add drawings, paintings, computer renderings, and maps to my games.

I cannot offer much in the way of payment, simple because it will cost more to make these rules than no doubt I will ever receive in compensation. I am doing it for the love my designs and the genre. But it is a good way to get your art into a professionally looking PDF and perhaps book (from lulu you can make physical copies of the manuals).

I would very much like to discuss this with anyone who would like to contribute. Please write me at: tchristensen616@gmail.com

I am truly excited about working on all my games again, and I hope to start sending out the word of their completion soon enough.

I am also looking into areas of web design to exemplify my games, designs, and worlds that I create and will give you more information when I know about it.



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