Phantasm Adventures Returns!

Over the weekend I made the decision to release my greatest role-playing game I have ever designed. It is the quintessential game of high fantasy with more than fifty-five player races, thirty factions, two hundred skills, a magical spell system unmatched in any game ever published. It also comes with the world of Monokon: a rich and delicious world full of mystery, discovery, and unbounded adventure.

I am also very excited to have some top notch artwork finally gracing its pages. As I look at the project, I foresee five books each about 100 pages long. I will release them in various quality from the basic pdf (containing just the rules), a grand edition (containing rules, art and simply page flashings), to the premium pdf (all the pages in color).

Best of all, I have decided to release them series of books all free.

My plan is to release each book every couple of months, with the first one being ready in early June. If you wish to receive the game, simply drop me an email at: and mention Phantasm Adventures in the subject.




  1. Best of luck with this. I’m finding that there’s a surprising level of interest in so-called ‘old school’ RPGs, and while this is tabletop gaming so nobody’s likely to get rich off of it, the costs of distribution through online channels today (or even as printed books through someplace like Lulu,) is so low that anybody with the wherewithal to actually complete a game can get it published.

    Now all I have to do is get my own game done.

  2. I whole heartedly agree with you Ardwulf. I have for close to thirty years been writing and updating the game in so many varients, I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to publish it again to a new generation of gamers.

    With the advent of the internet and low cost book publishing, the world is at my fingertips to distribute my game.

    I agree that making money on such a venture is very risky position, but at this stage of my career I am more concerned with getting the game into hands of young gamers than making money.


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