Phantasm Adventures Is Slowly Taking Shape

Just a quick note to all that visit here: I am still plugging away at Phantasm Advetures, but it has been slowing down in the last couple of weeks.  I seem to go into bouts of feverish work then wander off to explore other avenues of creative thought.

Then there is times like now where I do nothing really except work, come home, and twaddle on the computer playing computer games.  Being an ametuar game designer, I profess that playing games is fun and theruputic but one must also persue other things in life than just playing games.

I find it ironic that some of the richest and most successful MMO players are people that are holed up in a dark little shadow of reality living their life through the game.  I often wonder if they used the same enthusiasm and people skills to organize a raid to slay an uber boss, what they could achieve in the real world.

But enough about my philosphy on life.  I am taking some time here in a few weeks to really go through the rules and start whipping them into shape.



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