Developer’s Diary: Endless Editing

I sit in front of my computer looking at the first book of Phantasm Adventures, and marvel that most of the book is completely done.  What is left to do is editing and formatting the basic text.  For me this is the endless battle that I engage in.  I pour over each page looking for ways to tweak the rules, to clear up cluttered language, to sharpen the expamples, to format the rules to fit better on each page.

I think I will slip on the June release of the game since we are almost at the end of the month, and next month I have a week where I head up north to a place with no computers — alas, I just found out that it will not have any heat either.

Major portions of the game are done, including character generation, races, classes, faction, and most of the skill description.  Some big battles are still ahead, however, with the looming equipment section still to be hammered out.  In the past, I simply scanned the original pages that I made twenty years ago and used them from one version to the next.  I think this time, I will need to do something different.  I am unsure if I want to continue to use Word for this or perhaps use a spreadsheet and import the tables into word and ultimately Indesign.

Sometimes I feel like I am treading water with the editing, retracing my steps over and over, and amazingly finding new things to change each time I re-read the rules.  At a certain point I will just admit that it is good and push on to the next step — publishing the game.

I look forward to the first book being done, but my pleasure will only be short lived since I still will have three other books to publish.  Most shocking is that book three and four are mostly unwritten and will take herculean effort to finish.



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