Results of 2009 Resolutions

Here it is January 1st, of 2010 and I look back on 2009 with great fondness. As I reflect, I wonder how well I succeeded in my New Year’s resolutions of the past year. I dug around in the archives and found my list and thought I would grade my results:

1. Write and complete my second novel (presumably it will be a sequel to Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber aptly named Amish Johnson and the Leprechaun’s Legacy).

Results: FAILED. I have completely lost myself in front of the computer, spending most of the entire year playing various MMO games. In the end, what do I have to show for it? Nothing — some good fun, but nothing in the end.

2. Find myself an agent or publisher for my two books.

Results: Failed! After sending out two dozen requests for an agent to look at my story, I gave up. Gah!

3. Write and finsih 4 short stories.

Results: Failed. I never finished 1 short story.

4. Read 12 books (strangely enough i never have time to read books any longer — to be a good writer you need to read other author).

Results: Partial Failure — Didn’t get close to reading 12 books, but I did read two giants from Dan Brown and totally enjoyed them. The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons were huge books but I finished them both. I also read a Harry Potter book. I re-read for the umpteenth time couple books from Robert Heinlein which always enjoy.

5. Play only 6 months of a MMO (too much of my time is spent in MMOs with nothing to show in the end).

Results: Partial Failure — I stopped and started the MMOs several times having a total of a couple months off total. Need to work harder on this.

6. Record and produce 12 podcasts — I really miss my friends at Virginworolds and need to concentrate on getting back in the business.

Results: Failure! I believe I recorded two shows and was involved in two others (both of which I never saw produced as far as I could tell).

7. Go back to school (I have only a lowly Associates degree and would love to persue a degree in English).

Results: Failed. Never went back to school! I feel horrible. . . .

8. Excel in my job (learn the ERP software Vantage and get a better handle on all facets of my job).

Results: Partial Failure. I have learned a ton of new things and have grown in confidence in my job, but there is so much to learn and I have stumbled on taking the reins at learning some of the more complicated things.

9. Finish two house repairs (not as glamorous as others but the old home needs a bit of fixing up and it really needs to be done).

Results: Partial Success. With a serious lack of funds were were forced to do minor repairs. We did have the outside of the house cleaned and the bushes trimmed.

10. Start a walking regiment (not much into physical excercise, I need to get a wee bit more active and walking seems easily enough done — I have a nice walking trail right by my house).

Results: Partial Failure. Started out strong but pretty much petered out mid-year. I do say I have excelled at walking at work, doing two ten minute walks and for the most part a 20 minute walk at lunch. Better than some, but not good enough.

11. Payoff some credit debt (going against repairing the home, I would sure love to reduce the credit card debt down. Not as great as some people have it, it is still a dark and ominous cloud over my head). My goal is to reduce it by 2 thousand dollars.

Results: Success. We are almost done paying off the vile, evil credit card. We did not add anything to the credit this year and have been saving allot more.

12. Play different kinds of computer games (I always tend to play the same game over and over — strangely, this is another goal that will be a challenge.) 4 new and different games is the challenge.

Results: Partial Success. I have tried to broaden my list of games a bit, but think I can do even better. Its hard to go back to a single player game once you are used to hearing the ramblings of a hundred other players while you play.

13. Expand beyond just computer game fun (yea, another earth shattering endeavor but needless to say I do all my gaming on the PC. Perhaps I should buy a Wii or a Nintendo DS or something). buy 1 other game device.

Results: Failed. I got my DS early last year, but never really played it much. Never got any other kind of game machine.

14. Be more outgoing (I am a introverted and shy. My goal is to do things more outside of the home with friends, relatives, and different people). My goal is to do something out of the normal 12 times in this coming year!

Results: Failed. I need to do more. Didn’t do any kind of special trips this year other than the family outing. Sadly, I didn’t go to any conventions, nor did I get out much and do anything exciting.

15. Explore the esoteric more (I am so fascinated by mysticism, the unkown, things that go bump in the night but always end up sitting in front of the computer wasting my time). My goal is to read 4 books on the esoteric and pursue my long time goal of self realization.

Results: Failed. Spent all my time in games or doing nothing.

16. Persue Health (a rather nebulous and lofty goal but I need to start really being more conscious of staying healthy. I need to go to the doctor for a full check up, I need to excercise more, I need to eat less fatty and sugary foods, I need to be aggressive in staying healthy).

Results: Success. Went to the doctors and examined allot of medical conditions. Corrected problems with my flat feet. recorded my migraines and tried to isolate where they were coming from. Tried several types of treatments for headaches, pains, and lethargic problems.

17. Meet 6 new friends (another lofty goal but I want to meet new friends. A friend I consider someone who I talk with regularly and can confide in them with serious or personal issues — the internet is a great venue to meet people but it can’t stop there. I need to be more outgoing and reach out to new people).

Results: Success. Both ingame and in the real world I have met quite a number of new friends.

18. Return to my roots of Role-Playing (start up a group of weekly role-players again at least 2 times a month. Get back to writing my rules again — perhaps a fifth edition of Phantasm Adventures. Start up a web page to sell my rules and push my presence back into the world of RPGs).

Results: Varied. A dabbled with re-releasing my quintessential rpg Phantasm Adventures and several of my other titles, but floundered in the end. Never did get a weekly gaming group together.

19. Be More Adventuresome!! (God I get so tired of doing the same things all the time — my goal is try new foods, go to new places, explore areas I have never been, go on more trips, read new things, watch and go to places I have never been — talk to different people with different ideas with different agendas).

Results: Failure. I feel like my life, although pleasant and fun, is quite tiresome and boring. Perhaps thats what I like?

20. Make A Difference! Isnt that what it is all about? This coming year I want to make a difference to the world, to my country, my state, my city, my family. . . and me! A very nebulous goal and no way to pin point but I just want to make sure that I do things that others can feel proud about or makes them want to pass on fortune to others.

Results: Success. I think I have made a huge difference at work. I also have done allot on Facebook, Twitter, and to some lesser extent on my blog to make a difference. I have tried to make a difference in the games I have played and have exerted my opinion to make a wholesome change around me.

Overall, it appears that my 20 resolutions met with utter failure. But I am not disillusioned one bit. I will post my 2010 Resolutions here in a few days and will eagerly await this coming year with bold determination to be more successful than last.



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