Finished Recording EQual Perspectives 2010

Just finished recording an hour long show with Karen, otherwise known as Jaye Wizziefingers — also to many she is the cohost to the podcast “Shut Up We’re Talking”. Karen and I had allot of fun podcasting tonight and talking about a dozen Everquest II topics.

We touched only briefly on the new Battlegrounds expansion coming to Everquest II. Battlegrounds is the PVP expansion that will go live with the next series of updates. Some cool extras is that you can play against and with folks from other servers.

We also touched on the exploitation of WoE looting and the farming that is running amok on both the Guk and Kithicor servers. We both agreed in the end that it is a nice ability to sell the fantastic loot — it is just too bad that Sony just doesn’t make it lootable and dropable. Use the broker, that is what its there for.

Karen and I also briefly talk about what are characters have been doing since the last show — can you believe it has been more than a year!

I am off to try and edit the show into something cohesive and intelligible — I am all over the map like normal and it is pure chaos.

I will post the show notes and where its live when I get the information.


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