The Magic 741

I am looking for the magic number,  seventy hundred and forty-one;  That is my goal for the Emerald Tablet in 2010.  Back in September of 2007 my blog  hit its peak of 740 hits.  It was during the hey-day of the Voyages of Vanguard, my first foray into podcasting and one of the few shows devoted to Sony’s MMOG, Vanguard.  It was a great and exciting time at Virginworlds, with new podcasts popping up every week.  It seemed like all the show forums were buzzing with new listeners.

It’s going to be a tall order to fill to get back to anywhere close to 700, but I think I can do it with the addition of my two podcasts: Travels with Troy and EQual Perspectives.  I am also working on a new table-top miniatures game called Bloodbath II which I hope to debut this summer.  All along I will be adding my opinion on new games and offering my ideas on different gaming technologies.

I ask you to stop back regularly and often!  I need your continued support to make my goal, and along the way we can learn from each other.  As always, I would enjoy comments of any kind both here at the Emerald Tablet as well as via email.


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