check out another fine Everquest II podcast

Greetings fellow gamers and Norrathians, while Karen and I are preparing out next show I thought you might be interested in listening to another great podcast about Everquest II. I deplore you to head over to virginworlds and check out EQ/IQ. — check out EQ/IQ on the side!

In episode number 12 Dave talks all about the fine craft of transmuting. I have always told people young players on the Kithicor server you either need to be rich or nuts to be a transmutter. With the help of Dave, perhaps you can be a little less rich — but you can’t escape being a total screw ball for attempting this on anything less than a complete cadre of 80th level toons.

Oh by the way, I am so geeked about the 12th — everyone knows that is the release of the next expansion and soon thereafter we will also have access to the Battlegrounds. There is going to be so much gaming goodness here towards the end of February that I have taken three days off from work to enjoy it.

I am most interested in howthe Mastercrafted stuff compares to all the shard armor? I am so tired of grinding shards I never want to see one again — even though I have six toons, at least, in the mid 70s. I am praying that the 82 MC stuff is going to be substantial enough to forego the shard quests.

On the Horizon: Karen and I are beginning to work on episode 18 of EQual Perspectives.  Another broadcast of Travels with Troy is in the works!  I am continuing to plow away at my rework of Bloodbath II. I am also working on a FREE fantasy boardgame tentatively called Monster Fandango, and lastly I was surprised to hear from a Japanese translator from twenty years ago and I have some hopes of seeing my work translated into Japanese.



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