Monster Fandango

The 2nd Edition of Monster Fandango has been posted to the Emerald Tablet.  Please feel free to down the new PDF and check out the re-write.  I have added two dozen new rules, and modified the overall play of the game tremendously.

The 2nd Edition adds stacking rules to the game, new quests, better combat rules, more defined items in the game, and hints at advanced rules for facing, moving, and dungeons.

This is my first fresh game design in years. I whipped it out in a very short order and no doubt will want to make many small tweaks to the game.  I ask you to download and take a look. I am most interested in how fast it plays and if there are any obvious bugs or glitches in the game.  I am always interested in hearing from other gamers on my work, or even on other types of games.

Monster Fandango


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