Phantasm Adventures, 4th Edition

This is the 4th edition role-playing game that I have been working on and off for the last twenty years. Ultimately, there will be five books covering a wide assortment of rules on the game.

In this 60 page PDF players learn how to create a character for the game. There are so many options available in this first book it is hard to know where to begin.

Please feel free to download the PDF and read through it. I would very much like comments about the book and the rules. I will be hosting a special podcast on designing characters for the game shortly.

Book II will concentrate on equipment and combat. Book III will detail all the magical spells and items in the game. book IV will be a huge compendium of monsters and gods, including basic world concepts. Finally, Book V will detail all the continents and major and minor adventuring spots of Monokon.

I look forward to hearing about the game




  1. It is such a relief to have this information. Worried I was that such a fantastical part of my past was gone and only preserved in memory.

    Many many years my mind walked the paths of the Mog Forest; one of many that travelled the many dangerous roads of Monokan. I mean to go back and trek through the myriad of adventures this vast world has to offer.

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