Bloodbath 2nd Edition BETA

Here is the BETA for Bloodbath, 2nd Edition. It is not nearly done — I will need to add double the content over the next several months. This will include a detailed map and locations, monsters, magic items, and a slew of different character options.

What I am looking from you, is to download the rules and read them over. If something doesn’t make sense or if there is problems with the rules, write me.

The first thing that I ask of you is to create a character. Better create 10 characters and tell me what you think of the creation process and where you think improvements need to be done.

Post your comments here, or write me at

Click below to download the latest edition:


Download this character sheet to better design characters for Bloodbath:

BB character

Have Fun, and please let me know your thoughts!


1 Comment

  1. Just had a quick scan of the rulebook and the character sheet; I doubt I’ll have time to play test (and I’m very rusty with pen and paper RPGs – haven’t played one since I was 18!)

    But looking at the book – the excellent use of language in forming the world, the great character names and in-depth bestiary…well, my initial thoughts were “this is extremely proffesional work!”

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