Review of Sentinel’s Fate

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this latest expansion and with the latest inclusion of the Battlegrounds is really beginning to make me mad. It seems as if the core gamers that have been with the game for years now, and I have been playing for nearly 5 years, have been jilted.

There really isn’t anything new added by the expansion, that although there are new lands to explore for the most part its just retread of old content. The monsters are the same, the quests are the same, even the silly transportation system is the same.

Albeit there are a few new models for monsters, but 90% of the creatures are highly over-conned and offer little in the way of grind experience or loot. By the second day I learned that my 82nd level guy could solo 88th level mobs? You try that in Kunark and the nearby gravestones will become your best new friend. I remember when TSO came out, my warlock had a hard time killing blue mobs (and these were single and double down). Now, it seems like the mobs are fighting with mittens on.

There is no longer the option, and I say option because it wasn’t for everyone, the ability to grind levels. I was one that just like going out and exploring and grinding mobs. I have found out that even if I fight orange mobs for an entire night, I will yield less than five percent experience: What the Chiz?

The loot is equally unimpressive. I admit that I have T2 armor and a fabled weapon (though not my epic). Everything I have seen either first hand, through the market, or via the chat channels is a joke. Where is the anticipation of finding that next level gear when you know it is pathetic compared to what you already have? I have chests full of gear gained from 86th level quests, that my 82nd level guys will never use. Remember Kunark, when you first got off the docks and the gear there? People were cheering and actively doing the quests to gain it. I find now, players do it to sell or just to get to the next item.

The quests are silly and dumb too — the standard kill 10 of these, as present in other games are even further dumbed down by the fact the mobs are 20 feet away from the quest givers. On top of that, no matter when you do the quests, you get a measly 3 percent experience?

The BATTLEGROUNDS ultimately proves once and for all what we all know is fact: The ShadowKnights are a highly over-powered class that has every ability that every other class has. For those who are unfamiliar with it, they are a plate wearing tank that combines direct damage and AOE (Area of Effect) damage on top of the ability to escape, like thieves, and feign death, like the monk or necro, and heal, like clerics, and AOE, like warlocks, and all in a nice heavy plated platform.

Battlegrounds is an utter shambles with SKs fighting entire raids — Yes, I saw two whole groups trying to bring down 1 SK. In the end, 7 of my team mates were dead and we wasted four or five minutes wrestling with this one toon.

I know some will argue this position, but it is clearly the fact if you look at the numbers of SKs and the top gear ratios they have. Of course there are always exception to the rules, and I have seen other classes do well. I am talking generalities, and not specifically about Jimmy’s Paladin or Cindy’s bad to the bone Troubie.

The battlegrounds tend for me to be a place to go and wait for my timer to respawn me. Cloth wearers have very little chance against an SK.  Our spells are too slow, our roots are a joke, and the DPS of these SKs make it a continuous route for us squishies.

How can we correct this? That is a huge task — but now that they have released it on to live games anything they do will be screamed at by all as NERFS. I would suspect that they are going to nerf the hell out of the battlegrounds or it will be like the arena six months from now — it will be empty!

I am just do disappointed in this latest expansion and the chiz they have placed on long time players.



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