Shattered the Record!

I want to thank everyone for stopping by at the Emerald Tablet during the month of February. It turned out that the month shattered my highest all time visits in a month by two hundred hits.

Yes, as of Sunday February 28th 2010, the Emerald Tablet had a monthly total hits of 920. The previous record was held back in September of 2007 with a shy over 700.

I believe the success of last months rally was in part from my EQual Perspective podcast and also the number of FREE games I have been offering.

I ask you to stick around this whole year for more exciting releases of podcasts, including the return of Travels with Troy, but also a number of other FREE games. I am hard at work at re-writing Bloodbath with more clarified rules. I am also working on the 2nd book of Phantasm Adventures.

Later this month, I am going to release the first half of my novel, Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber and then follow it up with the second half in May or June.

This year will be very exciting and I can’t wait to see the totals for the remaining 10 months.



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