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Head over to the EQual Perspectives tab and check out episode 19 of the show. This installment Karen and I really dish some tumultuous discussion on the new expansion and the battlegrounds.

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  1. Gear broke with Kunark. SOE dug themselves into a hole by drastically increasing how good that gear was. This was then compounded by the Shard mechanic that meant you had to grind Shards in order to be able to do content. Even group content.

    Somewhere down the line te old idea that Treasured gear for Solo content, Mastercrafted for Group and Legendary for Raid got out of wack.

  2. If your assumption is correct, it will be a painful lesson for them to correct. What soloer now would want treasured for anything other than an odd pick up piece.

    I am not sure if you assumption is correct. I am not sure why MC would be for group, since it is the solo crafter who makes them and thus is usually the same adventuring soloist who grubs for the rares.

    Never comfortable with a game that makes a distinction between playing types, favoring one over the other. Raid content has its place, but to say that it is any harder than solo content is bunk.

    18 to 24 guys moving together in a mob, is not what I call putting it on the line.


  3. Personally I think Raiding is a lot harder than Soloing. That has a little to do with the fact that scripting is a lot more common, intrinsic and harder with mobs in such encounters. But mostly it has to do with Real Life. Setting a Raid up takes time. As a family man I do not want that. I can game a couple of hours on 2-3 nights a week – if I prioritize gaming.

    The MC=Group is something I read about on the Forums, posted by a dev. It was a long time ago. And you are right, that thing is broke since MC is done by a solo crafter. That would be a good idea. MC stuff must be done by a group. Or at least the gear could not be finished by one crafting profession. Wait – that’s how it WAS in the beginning!

    So there we perhaps have it. Make a game to easy and accessible and it breaks the good idea it might have had in the beginning.

  4. I agree with you. I truly enjoyed the original crafting, where each profession depended on another.

    Perhaps this expansion was needed to set things back, but they must maintain this plan and not simply go back to their old ways in the next expansion.

    Also, sadly if they plan on keeping this expansion as it is, they will lose more gamers.

    They are in a lose-lose situation.

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