Big Changes Coming for Bloodbath II

There are some big changes coming to the next edition of Bloodbath II. After several weeks of playtesting both here and around the world (Yes, I am so excited to know that my games are being played in Japan and in Europe).

One of the biggest changes coming is how to roll for skills and the deletion of the Powers attribute.

In the update, we are doing away with Powers and simply making it Skill.  The number of dice one rolls for each talent is determined by the class of the character and not purchased.

The number of skill points are spent directly into the Talent tree.  Determination of success is much more quantified.

Combat is made more simply, and the use of weapons and armor is also made easier. Combat resolution is made more simple as well, and instead of rolling back and forth between the combatants, each simply rolls 1 set of dice.

I am still looking for game testers and feel free to send me an email on things you would add or change.  I am planning on releasing an update to the rules this week.

Stay tuned. . .


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