Fallen Earth

While I recover from my Everquest II blues, I thought I would pick up another MMO and experiment with another kind of genre. I am very tired of the fantasy grind and Fallen Earth really looks like a radical departure from EQ.

I will document my journeys through the post apocalyptic world here.

I have already downloaded the game and created two characters, or as I guess now as being avatars. One is a roguish looking fellow named Logan Troy — named after the movie Logan’s Run and the other is a sassy, fiery girl named Flame Johnson.

I tried a very small bit of the game, but had to leave to go to work. Controls seemed fluid and the voice acting in the tutorial seemed decent. Haven’t had a real chance to find out about combat or level advancement.

Oddly, my two characters started out at 40th level? Is that a bug or does all characters start that high?


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