Day One: Fallen Earth

So I finally got some time last night to sit down and play Fallen Earth. If I may be so bold, I think I found a winner with this game. Is it for everyone? Probably not. Is it for me, from what I saw so far it comes very close to the game I have been waiting for such a long time.

First, I love the atmosphere. It is so desolate, lonely and “ruinish” (is that a word?). My avatar wandered the lonely bleak streets of Midway, occasionally seeing other players but often just finding ruined buildings and the feeling that there was something once so great here and now nothing but devastation.

Character development seems a bit weak, but I am not big on making my character look different from other players. There seems to be enough different faces, hairs, tatoos, piercings, and other body configurations to please most people. The art seems a bit ungainly and the shadows often time seems to lay oddly.

Tutorial was fast and simple, just the way I like it. They made it a good story, but didn’t waste a ton of time explaining stuff you wouldn’t use for weeks. Some say they needed to explain some other aspects of your tabs and controls — I like having to discover them on my own. Anyway, the help channel is very helpful and I have made several friends already.

After the short and very good tutorial, you are thrown out into the world. And as I said, it really seems bleak and hostile — It is also an adult rated game and I was surprised at some of the words that my avatar sometimes muttered. Finally a game for adults.

I also found a working saloon, with blackjack and one-arm bandits game machines (ala Las Vegas, baby). Very fun just by itself. I am looking to return and play more.

Missions (quests) seem straight forward and interesting, but like any MMO they often are nothing more than kill X of this creature or go here and do that.

By the end of the night I already had a horse, and that was really special. I look forward to owning a road bike or a dune buggy. It would be cool if they had aircraft in the game too– maybe someday.

Crafting seems very interesting in that you can literally make almost every item in the game and that there are enough disciplines where no 1 character can be good at everything.

The actual crafting takes place offline, or I assume in the background while you play. I have made only 1 thing so far: a small bowl of salsa (HA HA HA HA). Someday, I will be making precision automatic rifles, but that’s not for a while.

As I said earlier, I made two avatars and all of last night adventures was with Flame. I see her as a real hellion, whooping it up and partying all the time — it would be cool if she could find a bar and pole dance or go wild in a saloon and start a brawl.

I wonder if the avatars can get drunk in the game? Any other drugs in the game?

I’m so exciting about playing again — and that should tell you allot of my initial thoughts of the game.

I must temper my judgement with that fact that last year I tried Warhammer and initially thought that game was a winner too. In the end, I didn’t like it. This game may be different because its all about the three things I like doing in a game: Exploring, harvesting, and Crafting. I also like the fact that others can’t just get in big groups and get big loot — that they have to earn it the same way I do by harvesting, crafting, and making money hand over fist.

Until later. . .


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