Day Two: Fallen Earth

Still enjoying the game. I have been playing exclusively my avatar Flame Johnson, the fiery mean spirited girl.

I am learning the layout of the game and how to effectively ride horses, use combat skills, and harvest. I actually got a horse already, named Brown Bob.

I have also reached level 2, supposedly with a cap of 46th level. Sort of odd level cap, but I was told they were going to add another 4 levels here in the next patch.

I remind everyone that I really get about two or maybe three hours to play the game a night. I don’t have the unlimited free time as many gamers, so my pace at the game is drastically slower.

I am still enjoying harvesting, exploring, and crafting which seems to be the staple of the game.

No real problems as of yet, other than my horse died, which the concept I love, and losing my horse in the wilderness, another concept I think is cool, but it was all made better finding the stables.

UPDATE: I got up this morning and just decided to subscribe and buy the game.  It is only 19.99 so even if I grow to hate it, it wasn’t that expensive.  I got myself a hat rather than the ATV — seems like everyone has the bike, and the hat seemed kinda cool.


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