Another Day in Fallen Earth

I am still alive in Fallen Earth, but being a clone even if you die you return once again to face the trials of the apocalyptic world.

Yesterday I had a bit longer to play the game, and I plan on playing quite a bit today since it is Saturday. I am still learning the game which shows you its not neither easy nor explained. I am not sure if that was a design decision or just simply not detailed well.

I have reached level 4 and was told that you probably should hang around the starting town until at least 15th level. So I planning on sticking around in the area for a couple more weeks.

I decided against other player’s judgments to spend my AP on what I want up front and not worry too much about saving the points. I think the whole concept of saving points is ridiculous and not the way I want to play the game.

I have found one part of the game that I am not enjoying, and that is inventory management. It seems like you never have enough space for the stuff you have collected. Even using the saddlebags on the horse, you are constantly jostling bits and pieces around trying to hold more harvest able goods and more finished crafting products. There are banks, but I have to learn what stuff I can put in there and which Items I need on my person to harvest and craft.

I also got a new horse. The horse they give you in the start is a real nag — it eats constantly, so get rid of it.

I have also been making a fair amount of armor. I think Flame will be my cook and armorer while Logan will make the weapons.

That being said, I need to get Logan going here soon. I keep weighting the learning curve about starting a second guy.

I am finding a wide arrange of loot — I say loot because although not found on mobs, it is something you can make or sell. A very different game then lets say EQ where its all about killing a monster to get the treasure chest. This game seems more of finding the nodes that lead to making cool items. I am still have so much to learn.

I am off to find water — in the desert this stuff is worth its weight in gold.

See everyone later.



  1. SOunds like you’re really getting into it. I agree about the AP spending. Unless you’re theory crafting or worried about endgame it’s best to just have fun. I enjoyed my time playing the trial and once I upgrade my gear might give it a serious look at.. in the direction of…. Play it some more

  2. It’s not about saving points up Troy, it’s about spending them when you know what effect they’ll have on your character. I made the mistake of adding points here and there before I really knew how the game worked and had to reroll as there is no respec. Great game though, have fun!

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