Making Changes to Bloodbath

Hi everyone.

I have been busy modifying and re-structuring the rules of Bloodbath and it is nearly ready for a new release. The game has really undergone some big changes, which I hope will make the game more fun and easier to play. One of the biggest hurdles was making new characters strong but not over-powered. We are still struggling with making the characters hardy but not immortal.

Some of the bigger changes we made is in how to roll up a character. We have added two new ways of rolling attributes for a total of three methods: straight down the line, place them where you want, and a point based system. We will probably need to modify this rule set at least one more time.

We also changed all the attributes so that they control just 1 aspect of the game. It is my opinion that it makes the game much stronger and less prone to silly math errors and confusion.

Might is used for damage and for carrying loot.

Fury is hit points.

Bloodlust is initiative and determines Sanity.

Arcane is all things magical.

Skill replaces Power, and is just the number of points you can spend on talents (used to be skills).

Tenacity — used to be Wisdom. Now you add your Fury, Bloodlust, and Arcane and reference a table to determine what a monster needs to roll to hit you. This score is modified by armor. This rule set will also be modified a bit over time as well, since I still think the bell-curve is not where I want it to be.

We also got rid of Factions all together — too complicated and not needed.

Now classes determine your ability dice (used to be called Talent). So a Pkahrian Pirate rolls 2 dice for arms, 1 dice for magic, and 4 dice for Adventures.

All Talents (used to be called skills) have been drastically reworked or deleted from the game. I tried to make all Talents work the same way, or if one doesn’t that it makes sense of why it is that way.

All items in the game have been adjusted and I have done away with the silly names for them — just use basic weapon and armor names and leave the creative naming to monsters and the Helborian landscape.

Classes of course now determine the dice a player rolls for all Talents in the game. They also have been structured with bonuses and penalties. I am still up to complete modifications on the classes of the game. I am still toying with the idea of making some drastic changes to how abilities are checked, but I like how these things work.

Still adding monsters and loot as I type this. At a certain point I want to start fleshing out the world as well. I hope that I will have a new PDF before I leave on vacation in a week, then after I get back I hope to flesh out the world and have the game up and running at 100 percent by early summer.


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