Fallen Earth Still Standing

It has been more than 2 weeks now since I started Fallen Earth and I am still playing each night. I think this is one of the few games where I can say I could literally play it for a long time, even if I come and go with other MMOs. It is one of those kinds of games where you can spend an hour or a day playing it, and always feel fulfilled.

One of the more striking differences that I have noticed is really the total absence of “uber gear” or significantly greater gear than the average player. You have seen it before, where you start a game and after a week you notice a few at your level with gear that just blows the stuff you have away. Now I am sure their are suits of armor and guns out there that make my stuff look paltry, but it appears that they keep that stuff at arms length from newer players. All the gear I have is made by me, and nothing is overtly powerful or ground shattering. Its funny I am 7th level and using gear that is a hodge-podge of broken equipment and mundane everyday equipment. Later perhaps as I master the game, I am sure my alts will always have better gear.

Questing is fun too, and real basic. Go here and do that; kill this and do that; get this item to this location. I have been wandering all over the map, often into areas I shouldn’t be going. The cool part is that I am having fun, and some how the death penalty doesn’t seem that severe as of yet.

Graphically it is bleak, but perhaps that is the intention of the game designers. There are some buggy things that I have noticed, which cause me some headaches (literally). The mounting and unmounting of a horse can be very jarring. Add that with constantly doing it because you can’t harvest from horseback gets old real quick.

Also, I am a bit disappointed in the very limited sack size you get. It is so difficult harvesting or crafting when you never have enough space in the game. You spend a lot of time, simply sorting your bag. That should not be part of the game — If you thought Everquest 1 or 2 was bad, this trumps them both easily. Worse, unlike those two games you really can’t buy bigger backpacks or larger caches.

Aside from the nightmare of inventory management, the game is rich in the hundreds of items you can find harvesting. I am almost to the point of selling everything I find, and then just buying back at ludicrous rates just the things I need to make my crafting gear — seems a bit backwards but far less easier.

I also wish they would organize their recipes a bit differently. You get books of knowledge that break the crafting down into categories. Problem is they often overlap in skill level and often the categories are very ambiguous in what they contain. Again more time spent opening and closing categories trying to find the item you want. I would rather have a central repository of all recipes, sorted by level or name or difficulty.

Combat seems rather straight forward, and I have chose melee. Up to this point it seems pistols and rifles are so underpowered that it takes you 10 or 20 shots to kill basic things. Doesn’t seem right, standing or running in circles blasting at a giant ant with a pistol because you can’t kill it in two full clips? Perhaps it is just the power of the items I am using — I hope that later on rifles have allot more punch.

Next week I am laying low so won’t be playing as much. I will keep everyone informed on my journey as I learn more.



  1. Yes, I have used that and it is extremely helpful. I use the filter that shows only items that I have harvests for to craft, but still requires the loading and dumping of harvests too much.

    Is there a secret to getting more bag space?

    I am hoping there is — I am either running out of room or getting over encumbered.

    I have raised my strength, but that helps only a bit.


  2. The only time I run into issues is due to the weight of items and really I don’t find it a problem. I never fill all my slots up, there are tons. I just make a trip to drop off heavy stuff in my vault once and a while, or put them on my horse until I get back to town. I save everything too.

  3. FYI:

    FE’s storage consists of:

    Your pack: 64 slots with a weight limit determined by your Str.
    Your sector vault: 64 slots.
    Your barter vault: 64 slots.
    Your VIP vault (insanely easy to earn access to): 64 slots.
    And the inventories of up to 5 different mounts of various slot and weight limits.

    (Pulled from the FE forums)

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