State of the Game Nation: March 2010

It is March and spring although officially not here, it is obviously very close.  All the snow is gone and the weather has been almost balmy in the 60s.  With that, my clouds of depression have drifted off, but with the roller coaster ride of highs and lows has come a consistent neutrality towards gaming, writing, and creativeness.

Last month I was so excited for the new expansion of Everquest II.  For me, it was largely a disappointment which I expressed in Episode 19 of EQual Perspectives.  You can listen to the show here on the EQual Perspectives tab.  Since then I moved on to play Fallen Earth and have been enjoying the game.  Is it a game I could stay with for a long time?  I am not sure, although the community is very special it seems lacking in real obtainable loot and the brokering system in the game seems lacking (all over priced or lack of anything to buy).

My game development has also slowed a bit in March.  In February we play tested the game to luke warm reception and that meant going back tot he drawing board and re-writing huge sections of the game.  Bloodbath is now in the interim phase where it is just plain hard work to get all the systems working.  At a certain point I can start developing the game world, which should really be fun.  That will only come when the game can stand on its own and players enjoy an afternoon with it.

I have not done anything with Phantasm Adventures in the last several months.  It is one of those games, or creative efforts, that never simply disappear. I am hoping to get revitalized with my contact with some Japanese players again.  I would love to spend more time on the game, developing the 2nd and 3rd book.  These two books will require Herculean effort to get done since they are all charts!!

Monster Fandango my portable little board game has also stalled a bit, and I need to focus on getting the game into a 3rd edition.  Once there, I am confident that it can stand on it’s own two legs.

I am back to podcasting again, as noted above, and I am looking forward to doing a new show with Karen — episode 20.  I think that should be coming in mid-April.  I have also been trying to put forth a new Travels with Troy, but several selections have been hard to finish and now I wonder if it is too dated (some portions of the recording were done in late January).

So much to do, you would think I would be so busy I couldn’t think but I need to focus — that is the problem with the better weather.  Without focus, nothing gets done.  Instead of worrying about all the projects, I need to concentrate one thing and get it to the next step then move on.  Right now I am staring at 8 folders wondering and fretting on how I am going to get anywhere with any of them.  OMG!!



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